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Home Screen Replacements: LauncherPro vs. ADW.Launcher.

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

LauncherPro, Stock Froyo, ADW screenshots

One of the coolest ways to easily customize your phone is by changing your home screen launcher. The home launcher that comes with stock Android phones is usually very limited, and comes with few customization options. While the custom launchers available in HTC sense, MOTOBLUR, and Samsung TouchWiz phones all have some interesting features, they can also sometimes suffer from laggy/choppy scrolling, strange UI choices, and unattractive design. So what if you’re bored of the stock look of your phone, tired of a poorly scrolling home screen and app drawer, or you’re frustrated with the ugly “enhancements” your phone maker decided to add to your homescreen? That’s where third party homescreen replacements come in.

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