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Manage your apps the easy way with AppBrain.

As the Android market continues to expand at an alarming rate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to browse for quality apps. Let’s face it, the Android Market doesn’t do a very good job of organizing apps, and the official Android Market website isn’t helping at all. During this year’s Google I/O Keynote, Google announced that they will be making some much needed overhauls to the Market , but we are in desperate need of a easy way to manage our apps today. Thankfully, AppBrain is here to pick up the slack.

The AppBrain website does a much better job of cataloging and organizing apps than the Market ever did. Not only is it better organized, the site also does an excellent job of filtering out all the useless spam apps that flood the Android Market. Discovering new apps is a much more pleasant experience once all of the trashy apps aren’t cluttering up the landscape.

AppBrain Homepage

AppBrain Homepage

Of course, there are a few other sites that let you browse the Android Market from your PC. While AppBrain is not the only site that lets you browse the Market, what really sets them apart from the competition is the AppBrain companion app for your phone. Once you install the AppBrain App Market app on your phone (and sign up for a free account), you can easily browse and select apps from the website to install, and then let the AppBrain app on your phone take care of the dirty work.

Appbrain App Market App

The Appbrain App Market app.

List of my apps

Clicking on "my apps" on the AppBrain homepage opens up a list of all the apps currently installed on your phone.

Appbrain My Apps

The "manage my apps" menu in the AppBrain app let's you manage and sync apps with the website.

So, this is already ten times better than the normal way of browsing for apps on the phone, but the guys at AppBrain have one more trick up their sleeve. You may have seen a demonstration at this year’s Google I/O where apps could one day be installed “over-the-air” with the click of a link. Well, that’s exactly what the guys at AppBrain implemented with their recently released Fast Web Installer app! App installs get pushed to your phone almost instantly after selecting “install” on the AppBrain site.  It even works with all versions of Android, so you don’t have to wait for your phone to get updated to Android 2.1 or 2.2.

AppBrain Fast Installer

Setting up the fast web installer couldn't possibly get any simpler. Click continue, and then click OK.

Appbrain XBMC remote install

To install and app over-the-air, simply click on the install link and accept the app's permissions.

XBMC installing

The selected app instantly begins to download and gets installed to the phone automatically.

The guys at AppBrain have done an amazing job of making downloading apps a more user-friendly experience. Browsing for new apps is now fun, and app management is no longer a nightmare. Sign up at appbrain.com, get the two companion apps (scan the two QR codes below with your favorite barcode reader app to easily download them), and have fun browsing the Market again!

AppBrain App Market

AppBrain App Market (click for larger version)

Fast Web Installer

Fast Web Installer (click for larger version)

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